They Will Pay...

Vorag lay in the medical bay as the bacta-pads did their work on his ruptured flesh and frozen capillaries. He could sense the battle taking place on the nearby station and had called for a view screen to be set up near his bed. To think that a Sith facility could be sitting here dormant all this time and the Jedi ignorant of its presence. It made him wonder what other dark mysteries his order might be ignorant of.

He could feel the ebb and flow of dark and light energies as his fellow Jedi entered the fray. A sharp shock to his mind told of one of the Jedi losing his life. He gasped, then another and then... so much death and pain. It was then he felt the torment of his young student. They were playing with her...


They were stripping her of her humanity.

"Stop!" he tore at the bacta-pads heedless of the scars it would leave on his body. He could feel her slipping away. In agony Vorag got to his feet as the nurse droid made to restrain him. With swipe of his hand he used the force to pulverise the machine against the far wall. He made for the door.

"Captain report." he called over the comm as he made his way out into the corridor. He was running now. The torment had stopped and she was getting closer, had she escaped somehow.

"General." came the reply over the comm, "It is.... we are withdrawing from the station. Several of the small vessels have escaped during the fire fight. We are hearing strange things from the troops sir. The losses are... considerable."

"Destroy the station. Now!" Vorag raged as he approached the hanger bay. She was close now but something was wrong.

"But sir, our men. The other Jedi..."

"Are already dead. You have your orders Captain."

"Yes sir."

The Hanger bay doors were open and sever of the boarding pods were now docked. It was a scene of carnage with troops wounded and bleeding, dragging their barley conscious and in some cases dead companions from the pods as the medical staff did what they could for those who might benefit from their care.

He saw a covered stretched go by with a light sabre resting atop a brown cloak. An arm hung down from the stretch, the hand severed. Vorag shook his head. What had happened down there?

It was then that he saw the boarding pod of his padawan approaching without. His stomach felt like ice as he watched it pass through the shields and come to rest in the hanger. She was in there, he could feel it. His legs like lead he slowly made his way over, watching as a docking attendant released the door clamps and peered inside. He stepped back out again quickly, his face pale.

Vorag moved past him, fighting off a sudden shooting pain behind his eyes. He peered into the gloom.

One little padawan laying on her side,
Mind scrambled up, brain all fried.
Twin little Sith are glad to take the blame
Poor little Padawan, will never be the same.
Poor Jedi Master, we’ll meet soon, but when?
We broke your Padawan, care to choose again?

The voice was broken and quiet. It spidered into his mind and invited him to join in her madness. Roughly he pushed it away and inside the ship the huddled form whimpered and snarled. The pods systems were sparking and erratic as the padawan lashed out with the force. There was blood everywhere.

"Young one, can you hear me?" Vorag asked with a faltering voice as he peered in to the shadows.

Her eyes snapped open, glowing with the fire of the dark side. She opened her mouth and gave a wordless hiss before lurching forward to snatch as him with bloody fingers, rigid like claws.

He held her at bay with force as she snarled and snapped at him. Drool slopped from her open mouth and her skin was pallid and bruised.

"What have they done to you?" Vorag whispered as he drew his sabre and ignited it. Her only reply was a wail of despair as she flailed backwards, the entire pod shaking now as she lashed out.

Vorag was swift. His weapon thrusting forward with one smooth stab followed by a lifting twist that brought the padawan crashing to the deck with a dull thud. Outside the ships main cannon had started the demolition of the Sith station.

They would pay for this. He breathed deeply forcing calm into the moment. Justice not vengeance, he told himself, but the end would be the same. They would die for this, and he would hunt them to the edge of the galaxy to see it done.

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