Meditations in the Void

Aboard the twin's ship, Arikir watched the destruction of the station with awe. It had offered little in the ways of atmosphere and frankly beyond the holocron and fighting had been a tad boring for the former jedi. But of course the location was part of their journey, and it brought them power...and the prize that sat in his hands now. It still sang to him, but with the fury of the dance now subsided it had grown quieter in his hands. But the safety of space meant a moment to delve deep into the secrets of their treasure.

He left the twins and Nan to their flying and own private moments. They had lost a home and would certainly be experiencing some wonderful moments of sadness together. The connection was strong with them and it made them strong, it was not his place to pull on those strings just yet.

Quietly he retired to a private place on the ship, a difficult feat to perform considering the size, but one eventually accomplished. He sat on the ground and placed the holocron down at his legs. Back at the temple the holocrons were accessed by attuning to them and allowing the force to speak on its own. Arikir tried this, reaching out and connecting with the object, but to no avail. After a final failed attempt he had a small realization. The jedi holocron were passive, their knowledge was one which was freely given for it had no true value. The Sith's knowledge was different though, it was to be protected, to be treasured, to be taken.

Forcing his will upon the holocron, Arikir felt the device fight back and resist him. A struggle ensued but Arikir would not be denied and he relished the battle. And with a laugh escaping his lips, the holocron revealed it's secrets to him.

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