Fireworks and Rhymes

JB watched with fascination as the fireworks ensued. There was a certain finality to the station end. It had been dying since the day they were born. Like any true parent … it sacrificed its life for her children. In return, her children would carry on its secrets, in essence, letting her live on and on. She also had Nan and her twin in addition to half the station’s data. It was all she needed. Home was with them.

“I think he is going to try to open it. I hope it doesn’t hurt him. He really should wait.” Jb noted. Though it wasn’t like she was stopping him. Some things people had to learn on their own. That and she felt that he may not listen to them regardless.

Jo tore herself from watching their home crumble into nothingness. “I hope he doesn’t die,” she added. “He’s like Snowball.”

“They all are like Snowball.” JB pointed out. “With there ideas of good and evil. As if acting the OPPOSITE of a Jedi is what Sith are.” JB’s eyes were covered but even Jo could see her eyes roll.

“Black and White, Up and Down, they’ve no idea. He’s fighting with it. I think he’s gonna die. I wish he wouldn’t.” Jo chimed in. “Should we tell him?”

JB thought about it. “Let him wiggle about a bit longer … pain can be an excellent teacher. Wana see how many times we can play My Merry Sith Lord before he screams?”

“Yes! Let’s!” Jo said, clapping her hands to start.

They recited together, to the rhythm of clapping hands, and pat-a-cake, each taking a letter.
“My Merry Sith Lord, won't you come and play?
My merry sith lord, let's begin with A.
A my name is Anakin, and I like to asphyxiate
B my name is Boba and I like to butcher
C my name is Cylo and I like to cripple,
D my name is Dengar and I like dismembering…”

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