A Vision of Darkness

Forcing his will upon the holocron, Arikir felt the device fight back and resist him. A struggle ensued but Arikir would not be denied and he relished the battle. And with a laugh escaping his lips, the holocron revealed it's secrets to him.

Arikir opened his eyes.

He stood naked before a tall mirror with no frame. Around him a vast empty landscape stretched outward toward the horizon. A dry wasteland scorched by the blistering heat of twin suns which loomed over head.

He heard a soft hissing and felt something brush against his feet. Looking down he saw the snake, dull brown scales flecked with red. Its tongue flickered against his skin and he kicked it away sharply.

He watched as it landed but a few feet away kicking up a cloud of dust. The dust settled and... the snake was gone.

The heat of the sun was unbearable. As he stood there he could feel his skin blistering and his throat becoming dry and parched. He glared at the mirror, his own visage glaring back, bold in its nakedness. Unafraid. He snarled.

"What is this? Where am I?"

There came a cry from above and he looked up to see a bird of prey circling in the cloudless sky above. Its dark silhouette seeming to flicker as it moved. He blinked as he tried to focus, feeling his body finally surrender to the heat. Beads of sweat we running down his forehead.


The voice came from the mirror and as he looked toward it he stepped back with a gasp. His own visage had gone and in its place stood Darth Orvain. Those eyes blazed out from behind the mask searching his soul as they had done back in the temple on Korriban. Darth Orvain held the Sith Holocron clutched in his hands and almost without thinking Arikir reached out toward it.

The force lightning poured forth in torrents. Arikir was thrown from his feet and sent sliding across the dusty earth as the dark energy tore painfully into his flesh. When it was over Arikir lay a smoking ruin upon the ground but still he breathed. He lived. There was pain, but life was pain, not matter. Slowly, falteringly he forced himself to his knees.

"Good, good." Orvain encouraged. "I wondered who would be the first."

Arikir looked back toward the mirror as the surface rippled and Orvain stepped out to join him in this barren world. As his feet met the soil the ground shook and a chill breeze swept in stealing the heat from the air and replacing it with the fetid stench of damp and death. Orvain raised his hand and above them the Suns became obscured as if by a twin eclipse. Day became twilight in an instance and Orvain threw back his head and laughed.

At last the ground settled and the Sith Lord stepped forward holding the Holocron. He handed it down to Arikir who grasped it tightly to his chest.

"You have mastered the Holocron young acolyte but its secrets are not for you alone. When you reach the world known as Orthis place the device within the chest interface of your battle droid. It was constructed for this purpose. Through the voice of the machine I will guide you."

Orvain reached down then and ran a clawed finger along the humans cheek. As he did so small sparks of dark energy danced over Arikirs face and neck. He tried not to flinch back.

"Your courage should be rewarded." Orvain breathed and with that he grasped the mans face tightly and the began to pour his dark power into this eager vessel.

OOC: Arikir is now a Dream Walker, he is able to enter the dreams of others to learn sercrets and trap them within horrific nightmares. I will leave you to discover and develop this dark talent as you see fit.

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