The door to the room Vol-Kur was in slid open. "I see you're awake," a female voice said. "Oh you do that too," she said referring to him sitting in a meditation position. "Look the Captain is going to want to talk to you. So can we just be calm and all get along for a minute. We just escaped near death for the second time today and I'd like a break." she told him. "He said if you cooperate we can give you something to help you get your senses back."

Vol-Kur kept his eyes close but he was aware of her. He was almost at the state he wanted to question and ponder all that had happened. Yet he could not get there. He cracked open his eyes, sight still blurry but he could make out shapes and color.

Beryl paused a moment. "I bet you are hungry. Here." she said tossing a small plastic packet with a little twist off nozzle on top. "I don't know if they had this in your time but its a food packet. That kind is pretty sweet so go slow." she said. The packets contents were basically jellied fruit pie filling but packed with calories and vitamins. "We're short on supplies so it's all we have, sorry. When you are ready I'll take you to the Captain."

She walked after saying that, leaving the door open. Vol looked to where the packet had landed next to him. He could barely make it out, the shine from the light duly reflected from the package. He felt for it, fumbling with the nozzle. With a crack of plastic, he lifted it and swallowed. It was indeed very sweet and he nursed the bag.

His vision had him pondering what was said to him. The Dark Side had been there and it had so easily came to him. His master had said to him that he and Grandmaster Skywalker were guilty of the same fault. Did he mean in the ability to call the Dark Side?

He had fallen, that much was true. He supposed he was not even a Jedi anymore.

The thought process left him feeling all the more confused. Deciding that the answer will be revealed in time to his questions, he got up. He tentatively reached through the Force, using it to feel his surroundings. Out of his room he went, feeling the woman, Beryl, nearby.

"Oh, you are ready?"

"Yes," he answered. He followed her slowly, still feeling with feelings as they made for the captain on his bridge. He felt him turn as they arrived. There was a bit of silence before the padawan finally spoke. "I imagine you have questions, I do too. Where am I?

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