Real Sticks!

JB shrieked jubilantly as she ran out onto the grass past Nan barefoot. It was her first time on a planet. First time basking in an actual sun. Running on real grass and dirt. She giggled and laughed running circles around Nan, Arikir … who did not die much to her delight … Rarek and Lyra. “This is AMAZING! Orthis is AMAZING!”

It was bright, Jo tightened the bandana around her eyes, but the sun felt good on her skin. She romped near her sister enjoying the feel of the grass beneath her fit. “Can we stay for a while, Nan?” She asked. “Can we?”

JB was jumping up and down like a child on a sugar high. “Can we Nan!” She echoed cartwheeling. Jo was so smart and clever! And a stay on a planet sounded like a good idea to recuperate and come up with a plan. She wanted to see the night sky! And hear the singing bugs!

“It smells so clean!” Jo cried. “JB! Want to play Dead Jedi?”

“Yay! Dead Jedi! Lyra wana be the Dead Jedi!” She asked trying to involve there agemate.

“I’ll go find some sticks!” Jo added.

“REAL STICKS!!” JB squealed. “Lyra already has one so she’s set!”

“I bet we can even make a real fire!”

“Dead Jedi, Dead Jedi, “ they sang, “We’ll watch your body burn, Dead Jedi, Dead Jedi, --”

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