“We’re not most children.” Jo stated, matter-of-fact. “Are we?” she asked her sister. Tag. That didn’t sound like fun - not like fun at all!

Jb shrugged. She had no frame of reference all they ever had was Nan. This was the most excitement they had ever had EVER. “What is this Tag game you speak of?” She asked carefully. It didn’t have the most exciting name.

“Do we get to mark things for death? Is it a toe-tag?” Jo asked hopefully.

“Oh, that sounds like fun! Or maybe it likes The Mandalorian Game? Where you shove and hit to throw the other person off the feet?” JB said in her hand making wide exaggerated gestures. She faced Lyra rocking on her feet waiting for the girl to explain the rules of the game.

“Oh that would be fun too, do you shove and hit to throw the other person off their feet?” Jo asked.

“Don’t keep us in suspense!” JB all but whined. Granted she was being impatient but she desperately wanted to play games now they were on a REAL planet with sun and grass and dirt. Everything was new so naturally, she wanted to run around and bask in all its glory!

“Yeah! Don’t keep us in suspense!” Jo repeated. “Tell us!”

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