Nyavi makes planetfall

As Rarek retreated inside, the Swamp Hag roared into view. It landed with all the grace of a slug falling from a tree, about a dozen yards from where the twins were frolicking and goading Lyra as Arikir and the robot looked on. The ramp came down, and Nyavi's clear voice slowly drifted into earshot as she descended in her hoverchair, Issac walking by her side. "...I'm just saying, Issac, I get your restraint, but maybe if we find a nice distant mountaintop and you level the whole fucking place, perhaps that'll release that Force-connected pressure of yours enough for me to get on top of you and REALLY let you blow your-"

She broke off as she saw the four in the purple field and smirked. "I'll finish that thought when we're not fucking babysitting again. Hey assholes!" she called out. "What're you playing? Dead Jedi or Padawan on a Pike or something?"

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