Taking Back What's Mine

Issac immediately forgot about his conversation with Nyavi the second he saw Arikir. Tunnel vision set in and he felt his anger spike as he began to stalk over, a ball of darkness forming inside him as he remembered their last interaction on the station. This arrogant man had snatched the holocron from him and ran off alone, like the selfish fool he was, endangering their entire objective with his narrow minded arrogance. Well Issac would not let that stand, it was time to take it back, and get a little revenge in the process.

As quickly and quietly as he could manage Issac moved swiftly in Arikir's direction, and without uttering a word, hit him as hard as he could with the force. Letting the ball of anger and spire build up inside him to a barely containable level before releasing it, using it as a blunt hammer in an attempt to send Arikir flying. Before even checking to see the effect he had achieved, Issac ignited his lightsaber and rushed him.

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