Reacquainting Time (pt 1)

"I imagine you have questions, I do too. Where am I?

Ryder adjusted in his seat letting out a slightly pained breath before beginning to speak. "In the general sense you are on the bridge of the Umbra Squall, in the slightly grander scale we are on Orthis." he said. "I can't tell you a whole lot about the planet. I've only been here once before. Fairly nice place, decent population. Though we are far away from any of it at the moment."

Ryder waited a moment before starting again. "I can't say I have a lot of questions. Only a few. What era are you from? Because judging by the look and condition of you, you're farther out of time than you probably think and are going to need some details about how much things likely changed."

Vol-Kur was puzzled by that. Era? Further out of time? The thought of being frozen for years or centuries made him feel sick again, his breathing managing to find his center. "If I am truly out of time..." He closed his eyes and breathed deeply again, opening them when he spoke. "I will need details, it seems. I am -- was a padawan in the New Republic. Grandmaster Skywalker had reformed the Jedi Order and had sent Master Vikes to my world to end the Imperial occupation there. That is when they found me and trained me in the ways of the Force."

Ryder's breath came out pained again. "Look, I heard you screaming about Sith before, I ain't one of them. You might get the feeling off me, or something but I am just looking for answers. Ever since 'fate' made me cross paths with the ones on that station I've not gotten any sleep, I can't meditate, every time I let my mind drift away I get visions. I want to know why."

The Moxla clansman had an idea on that but kept his tongue as the captain continued.

"Now," he said the sound of him getting up from his chair. "If you can help me believe I can trust you to not kill me the second you can see again, I will help you. You're not gonna last long if you are blind and in a world where an illness that would make my nose stuffy would kill you out right." Ryder said, "Consider it a gift of trust. We can talk more once we have an understanding."

He nodded. "I apologize, but I sensed the Dark Side. My people have suffered the oppression of the Sith twice. I felt the darkness and thought I was still... Where I belong, I guess. But I give you my word as a clansman of Moxla that I will not kill you. It seems I have a lot to look forward to.

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