Secrets Revealed

Arikir hadn't realized they had landed when he came back to consciousness. He also didn't realize he had been somewhere between laughing and screaming when his eyes finally opened and his mind returned from the holocron's dark labyrinth. He could still feel his dark teacher's touch on his mind and the wonderful thrum of pain coursing through his mind as he steadied himself and placed the holocron down as he brought himself upright in the ship, taking a moment to carefully secure it again

Among the others, Arikir was allowing a moment of levity before he made the move to the droid. He enjoyed the anger and frustration and bloodshed as much as any other, but a varied emotional pallet was much better than the stagnation of being locked into one mood.

But no sooner had he begun smiling himself he was knocked from his feet by a blast. For a moment he was concerned that the Jedi had followed them, that somehow the blast had not been enough to send them off course. However it lacked the passivity that the Jedi put into everything. No this had a fire of anger within it and how. Arikir could not help but appreciate the wonderful rage on display in the push before he collided with the earth. Opening his eyes, the purple grass had bunched around his small crater.

The whole situation, that he had been attacked by one of his own with such power, that someone within the group had such feelings against him was so wonderful. He couldn't help but laugh as the feelings of happiness overwhelmed him. Picking his head up a smile was plastered onto his face as he continued to laugh. He thought of saying something, but Rarek was already handling that interaction, and he was far too happy with Issac's development to stop chuckling to himself now.

Dusting himself off briefly, he allowed the group to remain focused on their interaction, it was good of them all to interact and get to know one another he thought. He had business with Nan. Approaching the droid, he removed the holocron from his pack and held it up to her, "Nan, I require the use of your chest interface so that we may learn Darth Orvain's plans for us. Please open it for us now." He gave her a wild-eyed smile, still giddy with his previous happiness and also eager to learn more from Orvain.

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