Interface (Optional Challenge)

Nan observed the excitement of her young charges as they experience their first steps on real soil, breathing in real air. A sense close to jealousy formed within her matrix as she observed the obvious pleasures of sensations that she could not hope to fathom. So much of the universe was locked away from her kind. Yet as she looked around at their surroundings that in may ways she was open to much much more. She could view the scenery in the minutest of details and scan the area for life forms, water sources, mineral deposits and heat signature. She could...

The landing of the Swamp Hag drew her from her computations and she performed a cursory scan of the vessel as it landed. Two more of the chosen had survived. Good. Soon the door was opening and the defective Twi'lek was emerging along with the human Issac.

She watched impassively as Issac charged Arikir. She had learned long ago that fledgling Sith needed the freedom to express their anger and work out their hierarchy through violent means. Sometimes the results were fatal, but for the most part the experience was educational. This was not her first brood of wanna be Sith Masters. Many hard lessons would be learned over the coming weeks and months.

She watched as Arikir gathered himself from the dust and made his way toward her carrying the holocron. The source of the disagreement it would seem. Issac still glowered nearby his weapon drawn as Rarek tried to calm him.

"Nan, I require the use of your chest interface so that we may learn Darth Orvain's plans for us. Please open it for us now."

Nan turned slowly at the sound of Arikirs voice. Her eyes red eyes blazed brightly as she processed the request.

"You do have manners." she reached out and took the artefact and then turned to Issac holding it out.

"Calm yourself fledgling. Your anger is a weapon to be harnessed and delivered with deadly efficacy. Do not squander it!" She turned back to Arikir and gave the chosen a small nod.

"I will comply once all who wish to commune with the holocron have done so. I am sure that you would attest that it is a singular experience that has thus far been denied your fellows. The integration with my systems will be permanent so the opportunity must be given."

She turned to the others then, "All who would risk this power may interface with it. Do so at your peril."

OOC: This challenge is only compulsory for Issac. Arikir is exempt. Following Issac anyone wishing to commune with the holocron may take it. Be creative and feel free to rag doll Darth Orvain or Vorag. I will decide the consequences of your experience based on what you write.

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