I’ll try

“ I’ll give it a try” Lyra said calmly . Taking the device she settled in the grass infant of Nan. Something told her to put the holocron down in front of her and go ace one it. As she did she felt pushback from the holocron. She chose to try reasoning with the device. The Holocron was stubborn but she was persistent. Eventually the device opened and she was allowed in.

She found herself standing in a forest it was dark and there were no animals. There was an unerring dealing to the area. Darth Orvain appeared suddenly infringe of her. “ you have power but lack the strength to use it” he acused. Lyra just looked at him for a moment.

“ no true strath is know when to use that power. I have not internet in a fight” she said simply. This apparently did not please the Darth. He shot lightning at her. “ then you will bow as a slave” yealed at her.

The lightning enitaly brought her to her knees. “ No I won’t” she growled. She forced herself to her her feet. It was a struggle but she eventually held her hand up and used the force to push him back. “ you will not control my” she said. Now angry but she was only angry because she had to fight when she had not wanted to.

“ I will say this only once this power is mine and I will use is when I chose I will not be told what to do anymore.” She said. The Darth looked amused for a moment wail she was angry the look vanished when her anger dissipated. He rose another hand to her. “ you are to gentle” he warned.

“ I will never stop being who I am and if you don’t like it that’s to bad I don’t care. After sealing the fight on the ship I wish for pice among the sith and Jedi” she said. She held her hand up redy to use the force to push the man back should he atack her again.

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