A Dark Lesson

Nan watched as the Lyra girl snatched the holocron from Issac. The man snarled as he was denied his prize for the second time, but Nan held a metallic hand up to stay his retaliation. If the fool girl would jump the line then she would enjoy the consequences all the sooner.

They all watched in silence as Lyra began to war with the device. She was persistent that was for sure. There was fire in her and anger, but no true darkness, and there lay the danger. The holocron was a thing of pure darkness and it would consume her.

The girls eyes snapped open showing only the whites and she began to tremble as she fought a silent battle with the powers within the device, the minds that created it.


Inside her dark vision Lyra stood before Darth Orvain in defiance. “I will never stop being who I am and if you don’t like it that’s to bad I don’t care. After seeing the fight on the ship I wish for peace among the Sith and Jedi” she said. She held her hand up ready to use the force to push the man back should he attack her again.

Darth Orvain studied her for a moment before throwing his head back in sudden shrill laughter. "Foolish child. You speak like the fools who call themselves grey Jedi, hated by the light and the dark and conflicted in all that they do. There is no middle ground. There can be no peace! Do you think you are the first to think they can twist the darkness to their own purpose? Witness my power."

Orvain threw up his hands and from the far distance a clamorous scream rang out. It grew closer and closer accompanied by what sounded like the flapping of wings. A dark cloud appeared all around the pair. Thousands upon thousands of black winged terrors growing ever closer.

Beneath Lyra the ground cracked and burst open as snaking arms shot forth from the soil and grasped around her legs and ankles. The flying mass was a bare few feet away now and claws and beaks began to rake against her skin drawing blood.


The Sith looked on as Lyra sat shaking her outstretched arms became rigid, her fingers outstretched like claws with dark energy dancing between them.

"This will not end well." Nan observed as lacerations began to appear on Lyras soft white flesh. Blood was flowing freely and spittle began to froth on her parted lips. With a sudden shrill scream the girl flew back from the holocron coming to rest a good fifteen feet away, her eyes still open and pure white.

OOC: Lyra is now blind. She must learn to use the dark side of the force to see and it will take some time. Anger and fear are the keys to her sight. Isaac you are up!

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