Most of you are blind ...

Jo looked at Lyra, then to JB, then Nan warily. “This doesn’t look like something we should be messing with.” She said. “It’s not pragmatic.”

“Yes. It’s not a toy. The shadow of a Sith Lord resides in there. Lyra and Arikir were very lucky particularly Lyra.” JB pointed out. “You got off lightly.” She surveyed the rest of the group. “Face the Holocron at your own risk do not expect him to hold your hand like the children you are … but fair warning … none of you are ready.” JB warned.

“I’m glad Arikir didn’t die.” Jo added. “None of us are ready.”

“I’m JB this is Jo.” JB answered Lyra. “Yes. None of us. Yet.”

“Yet.” Jo parroted. “What do you want to know about the Sith? Nan’s a better teacher than we are. Nan taught us everything.”

“She did.” JB agreed. “She knows everything.” Said with a vigorous nod of agreement as she waited for the girl's questions.

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