Taking a moment, ignited saber still in hand, to see if anyone else would like to try and stop him from finally getting to interact with the holocron, Issac move steadily to the Sith artifact, picking it up in a scarred hand. Holding it in his outstretched arm, the former Jedi focused his attention.

As Issac concentrated on the device, he once again felt the deep, seemingly endless, pool of darkness that seemed to call to him. But instead of allowing himself to be drawn into the pool, he instead went for a more aggressive approach. Drawing from the pool of darkness within himself, he began to assault the holocron, attempting to force it to bend to his will, to open for him and reveal whatever secrets lay within.

Issac felt his mind strain as the entity resisted, felt a dull but growing pain at the back of his mind as he pressed harder. 'You, will, yield...' he growled at the holocron, feeling his anger and frustration build, attempting to use these emotions to strengthen his assault. 'I, will not, be, a slave, again...' he pressed harder still, now pouring everything he had into the attack on this entity. 'Show me how to be a Sith, show me how do destroy the Jedi...' Everything around Issac went dark as the holocron became the singular point of his entire focus, he felt himself being drawn towards it, far stronger now, impossible to resist. Deciding not to resist this vastly superior force, Issac instead gathered his own darkness around him, preparing to use if the defend himself in needed.

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