The Price of Pain

Deciding not to resist this vastly superior force, Issac instead gathered his own darkness around him, preparing to use if the defend himself in needed.

There came a sound like a heavy lock dropping into place and the world went white. Issac found himself standing alone in a world bereft of detail. Looking down he saw his feet buried ankle deep in... what was it? He reached down and grasped a hand full of the soft white substance. Ash?

He frowned looking around at the vast empty landscape. Ever inch of it covered in the soft white remnants of what ever had been burned away.

"Have you seen my mommy?" a small voice sounded from behind him and still crouching he turned to peer back at a the young girl that now stood nearby. She was dressed in rags and flakes of ash were smeared through her dark brown hair. Tear tracks were still visible on her cheeks, her eyes wide and pleading.

"Where did you come from?" he asked quietly, looking about him for any other sign of life. There was nothing.

"I got lost." she sobbed, "I want my mommy have you seen her?"

"No I'm sorry. I..." he reached forward quickly as the girl seemed to swoon and faint. Lifting her her she weighed next to nothing as he stood and looked about him once more. What the hell was this? He had been looking into the holocron and... the girls arms tightened about his neck. He shifted her in his arms to make her more comfortable but her grip tightened further. He tried to pull her arms away laughing awkwardly.

"Ease up little one I..."

"Have you seen my mommy?" her mouth had not moved, her eyes still closed. Something was wrong. He watched as the girl transformed into a burned corpse still gripped tightly around his neck. The eyes snapped open and they burned with a fierce red light. When she spoke again it was the voice of Orvain that came to his mind.

"Reckless youth, still haunted by the sins of your past. Embrace your pain, revel in it." and with that the head sprang forward pressed in by those ever tightening arms and the dead thing bit deeply into the flesh of his neck releasing a torrent of blood that sprayed out onto the ashen ground.

With a cry Issac stumbled back and tore the tine corpse from his body. It skittered along the ground and he reached for his light sabre. The creature sprang and he threw himself aside, the loss of blood making him sluggish.

The sabre was in his hand now, he activated it and...


Despite the warnings of the twins and the cautionary tale of Lyra Issac embraced the holocron as the others looked on.

"There is just no warning some people." Nan chided as she moved to examine the blind Lyra.

For a time Issac just stood there holding his sabre and the holocron. His eyes were closed and he looked almost peaceful. Then suddenly he staggered back a step and gave a sharp bark of pain and anger.

The lightsabre came to life in his hands and arcs of force lightning danced down from the holocron to play along the blade and up the mans arm. Issac swung out wildly as if fending off an attack. He dropped to one knee and gasped while all the time the dark energy consumed his blade. Smoke rose from the flesh on his arm and the skin began to bubble and crack. The light of the sabre began to dim and spark out, blue, white, then yellow... and finally red. The sabre blazed out fiercely as the red light consumed it. It spat and flickered in Issacs ruined hand, the blackened fist a lump of cooked meat now fused to the blade.

He dropped the holocron to the ground and opened his eyes.

OOC: Issac your sabre crystal has been corrupted and now burns red. It cost you an arm. Go find yourself a bacta tank and a good cybernetics expert ;)

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