Painful Medicine

"Okay," Ryder said without a single ounce of apprehension in his voice "Just don't make me regret this, please. You seem like an alright guy and I really hate killing." He started for the door. "Just stay here a minute, I'm gonna get the drugs then give you a few shots. After that, I'll talk to the others and let them know what's happening. Don't want another fight." he said standing at the door before he exited.

Vol waited for his return, feeling the tumble of hull underfoot. If he was disposed of time, he wondered where MOD-4 went, whether the droid was still functioning or was now someone's new toy. Or, worse scrap.

A few moments later he returned. "Okay, just sit still. Don't freak out, this is gonna hurt quite a bit." he said, the medical gun clicked as he loaded in the vials and the needles moved into places. Vol had a feeling he was right, digging his fingers into the arm rest. He took some of his robe and stuffed his mouth.

"Hold tight." he said, pressing the ring of the needle protector against Vol-Kur's neck. "3...2....1..."

I am one with the Force, the Force is with me, he thought in preparation.


A series of needles went off rapid fire, and it was indeed painful. Vol screamed through the fabric, the needles sinking into veins. All injecting something else. A warmth spread through Vol-Kur's body, but his vision was showing it would come back. Though it would take some time. He slumped as the device was pulled away

"Sit tight. I'll be back. If you get up to try to figure out the layout of the ship, just be careful. Those crates are more important than you could imagine." he said, "I'll need you to convince the others you are calm. But I will tell them you want to talk." Ryder passed by Beryl as he left handing off his high powered blaster to her, giving her a look that said ‘don’t hesitate if he goes for an attack’.

She nodded as the captain left. Vol sat in the chair, neck aching and body feeling an inner warmth as the carbonite sickness was forced from his body. To take his mind off of the ache and general feeling of unwell, he reached for his lightsaber. He could barely see it but he felt the device, fingers running the perfect cut across the emitter.

The Force told him the crystal was intact, but the whole emitter needed replaced. Not that he could fix it right now. He turned his head sluggishly to Beryl. "The captain does not the medicine disturbed but do you have any spare parts you can part with?" He asked tentatively.

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