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JP with Winters and Blitzen

"It did the same thing to him that it did to you. Taught you both a lesson." JB said in a matter of fact tone.

"You were limited by your perceptions and ideals blinding you to the full picture. Now you're literally blind until you understand the folly of your way. If we just gave you the answer you wouldn't learn anything and the master would be mad for making it easy for you. The proper response is to ponder what he told you and meditate on your punishment. We warned you. You were not ready. None of you are." If the girl’s eyes were not covered it might have been obvious she was glaring.

Jo folded her arms and nodded in agreement with her sister.

"So unless you think yourselves fully realized or better than what you are … are we done playing with the Holocron? Our Holocron. The one housed in our Nan. That was on Our station. That we had to go find. By ourselves because you all we're too busy fighting each other like mewling infants. Who acted like jilted children so you could be the first to play with it as if it were a toy. Yes? Good." She said calling each and every one of them out for the behavior.

“We could have told you you’d be sorry…” Jo added in a sing song voice.

Competition and ambition were healthy in the right amounts. But if they planned on just following base instincts forgoing their higher brain functions, this little project was dead before being fully realized. Just because they were Sith was no excuse for lacking in discipline.

“Now you have no choice but to listen,” Jo told the newly blind waif. “All of you, heed what the master tells you, not what you think you want. Otherwise?” She shook her head sadly at the one-armed Isaac. “You have no one but yourself to blame.”

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