Fine I’ll do this my way

“ I was trying to keep the others from killing the Jedi you had imprisond on that station.” Lyra snapshot. Frustration and anger ran through her. “ if this is what it is to be sith I want no part of it” she yealed and started to walk away only to run into someone.

“ if one of you would be kind enough to drop me off at the next inhabited planet I would be extremely greatfull” she said still angry. But somewhat calmer. It was very clear she was lashing out because she was angry. Angry with her people for casting her out, angry with the holocron for blinding her and angry with herself for getting cought up in all this.

She managed to get a few feet away from the group before sitting down putting her face in her hand and simply crying. She made no actual sound she just did not know what to do with her anger other than cry. She had never been so angry.

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