Ryder stepped sideways after being into letting the girl walk away. She was mad and needed time to cool off, he'd offer her help later if she wished but other matters were pressing. The small haphazard assortment of misfits would likely sense Vol-Kur in no time if any of them chose to meditate on anything but that stupid dangerous piece of the old worlds.

"Everyone we need to talk." he said making his way in front of the group. "We have another with us. Not sure if you'd consider him 'one of you' but if that past few days taught me anything randomness isn't a thing and he's here for a reason. I'm gonna bring him out to talk soon. I'm taking responsibility for him, just keep your hate boners down." he said. "We've got enough problems with all the force stuff you keep doing while we are trying to hide. We need to have an actual plan, because they're gonna keep coming for us and we need to actually have something worked out for the next time. The universe put us in this mess together, we need to work together. The twins are right, you're acting like children. Take their advice, go meditate if you don't think you can handle talking like adults." Ryder ended his speech and pushed back through the group.

Stopping with Lyra before heading back to the Umbra, "If you want, I will come meditate with you later, teach you how if you don't know. Just need to make sure the group doesn't try and kill the guy you were trying to save. He's on my ship, managed to sneak on at some point and Beryl, the girl with me, put him in a bed. He's healing up right now."

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