Nyavi lends a hand

Nyavi waited with bated breath as Issac forced himself onto the Holocron. How he was still so eager after seeing that decidedly un-Sith-like redhead get blinded for her trouble, she didn't know. Though she recognized that call to the chasm all too well. The deepest dark of the soul is the easiest to slip into. The voice of the old man she had met in a seedy pub a few years ago welled up from the depths of memory. Strange how the past could come rolling back completely and unexpectedly. She hadn't thought of their long, deeply interesting conversation in months at least. She could almost smell the stale liquor again, hear the murmur of the other patrons. No one sane would kill themselves willingly, the man had said, until they're promised a penny at the end.

Issac, it seemed, had found his penny. It looked like his own blade was cooking his entire arm like a steak. He'd dropped the artefact and sunk to his knees. Nyavi could smell his blackened, shrivelled flesh from half a dozen yards away. "Goddess fucking help me," she groaned. She hovered over to the kid, his lightsaber now red, glowing maliciously as it had feasted on his flesh. "Issac? Issac! Hey, you still alive?" He seemed to be in shock. Big surprise there. He still clutched the lightsaber, which flickered and buzzed hungrily. She tried to pry it from his hand, worried that he might accidentally hurt himself with it in his stupor. As she attempted to pry his hand off the handle, there was a crack, and along with the lightsaber, three charcoal fingers fell in the grass. She winced. "Err... Sorry about that," she said.

In the background, the twins and Ryder took turns berating them all, as if they were not just as bad and just as divisive. She put little stock into their words, though she knew that eventually some sort of teamwork would be necessary. Right now, her team was Issac. The rest would come later, if they survived.

"Hey Nan," she said, talking over the redhead who was whining about her situation. "You got any spare robotic limbs? I can remove the charcoal bits from Issac's shoulder and give him something to hold a saber with, but if you got something at the ready I can fix him up in a couple hours instead of a week or so. Might be handy."

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