"...if you got something at the ready I can fix him up in a couple hours instead of a week or so. Might be handy."

Nan turned to listen as Nyavi made her request. She moved to study the injured arm of the young Sithling and released a disproving tut.

"Much of the bone structure may be saved if the flesh is removed prior to putrification. Cybernetic enhancements and a series of bacta treatments would indeed by the most appropriate course of action."

Nan looked back toward the escape shuttle making a silent mental inventory. "We have the means to remove the flesh and enough bacta pads to ward off infection but he will need a facility to fully heal. I do not have appropriate parts to be of use in this endeavour."

Her girls were standing by, attentive as ever and she waved them toward the shuttle, "Collect the medical kit and sharp blade from the storage compartment will you my dears we have some meat to carve... and in the meantime."

Nan reached out and grasped the Holocron, readying her inner circuits for integration. Her red visor settled on the human Ryder and she gave him a small nod.

"Better bring out your stowaway then young man. We have much to discuss."

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