The Stowaway

Ryder knelt down taking Lyra's hand pulling her to her feet. "Come on then." he said leading her away, and giving a wave over his shoulder. Letting Nan know he heard her, trying not to limp as he lead the girl to the ship. "Lift your foot, the ramp doesn't totally touch the ground." he said giving her a small lift, like a father lifting a child over a puddle. "Here." he told her putting her hand on his shoulder as he walked ahead of her in the smallish hallway of the ship. Knowing the girl could likely feel that massive lightsaber scar on his back.

Beryl, made a thinking sound. "Not really." she said. "We don't really keep anything but spare shit parts and that's not to much of anything, we keep room for cargo is basically it. You can ask Ryder when he gets back. He might know of something hidden away for a bad day." she was saying as the door slid open. "You had someone who wanted to see you before the others did. She was the one that wanted you saved in the first place." Ryder said giving her a nudge in front of him. "He's right in front of you." Ryder took a step back so the two could talk. "Don't take long, I don't know how long those outside will keep their attention. Though I think the cube has them more worried than anything. They're gonna get us killed. So...if you all think its gonna go down and they are, I offer you two a lift out of this. Take you far as you want, let you off you can start over."

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