Come Little Children ...

Like good little children, the pair skipped in unison to their ship for the requested medkit. JB though at the moment hadn’t really warmed up to anyone of this unit. She noticed a fundamental difference between the group and her little family unit.

They were raised with nothing but the fundamental values and training of the Sith as a whole. Their views and ideology spanned centuries. They had preconceived notions, no prejudices, no other training fouling the concepts of the Sith ideologies.

A bulk of Sith throughout history were often by-products of Jedi. In their eyes many of their groups were like children learning freedom for the first time and like so may Sith of their ilk … ran rampant with the overindulgence of their emotions missing the point entirely. On the same, note the Jedi was just as bad just in the opposite direction.

“I hope we don’t have to teach them anything …” JB confessed as she rooted around for a Medkit. “... I don’t think they would listen to us due to our height.” She laughed.

“They aren’t listening to each other, and they’re full grown!” Jo added. “ Or to Nan. Found one!” She said in a sing song voice, holding the kit up triumphantly.


“The Dark Lord!” Jo said excitedly, grabbing JB by the wrist. “Let’s see what’s revealed!”

“Finally!” JB said hoping this would be what they all need to get things in order. The duo took their place sitting down in a formal Seiza position.

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