Mostly Blind And Truly Blind

“I’m glad your ok but I don’t understand a symbol of what” she asked turning her head sideways. As Moxla looked at her he would find a girl only a year or so younger then him. Her now white eyes making it clear that she was blind.

“I was blinded by the holocron, I can not see what you are talking about,” she said. There was a sadness and fear to her voice. But as Nan has observed earlier there was no true darkness in her. Well, it was there she just didn’t give into it.

"A holocron?" Vol went, raising his eyebrows. He shook his head, well aware that there were forces that should not be tampered with. Though, he believed he saw her trial before her. "And you have lost your sight? I don't believe so, you can still see."

When she responded back, he patiently waited as she told him that, no she was blind and could not see. "You say you cannot see, yet I sense the Force flowing from you. Do... Do you have no training?" He asked her, slightly amazed at that prospect.

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