Ride or Die

“It’s not a riddle it’s directions. You would know that had you been here.” JB chided Ryder. “If you were going to cling to the group like a Mynock you might as well pay attention.” JB turned slightly to Lyra. “You should ride with us. We will have time now to answer your questions and start teaching the basics of the Sith. Otherwise, you going to get yourself, or worse, someone else killed.” JB said refusing the sugar coat the truth. Of everyone in the group, Lyra was the untrained baby bird. One that could prove dangerous without proper guidance.

“It’s true,” Jo added, “You should ride with us and Nan. Nan knows everything, you’ll need to be prepared before Zonju IV, before we face the temple. Join us.”

“If not you can take your chances with our pet Snowball but it would most certainly result in more … debilitating injuries.” JB warned. Their pets survival had not gone unnoticed by the girls. It was their pet after all and it was smart enough to have survived thus far, which really wasn’t saying much but you praised a pet for peeing outside right? Snowball had usefulness yet.

“Or with Arikir. He messed with the Holocron too, so you’ll both have something in common,” Jo said with a nod. “You can learn life lessons from each other about following directions, but Nan tells better stories and better truths.”

“He is also going to probably ride with us. It’s your choice but choose quickly … because we are leaving …” Jb waited a moment. “... now!”

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