Dead Space

The brief yet eventful stop over at Orthis now behind them the unlikely group sat aboard their various ships as the blur of hyperspace enveloped them. None of them knew what they would find at Zonju IV, but if experience had taught them anything thus far they should be cautious.

Nan sat interfaced with the small vessel they had salvaged from the Sith station, the holocron still sat dormant in her chest. She cocked her head to one side as a small surge of energy emanated from it. The force sensitive would feel that also. She flinched as it pulsed again as if in warning.

The cockpit lit up then with alarms and outside the streaking starts fell away into the darkness of the void. Nan was thrown slightly forward but managed to halt the momentum. Her scanners told her the other ships in their little fleet had suffered a similar fate. She watched as power began to drain from their systems and just before the view screen flickered out she saw a huge vessel looming out there above them.

OOC: We are all stranded and losing power, with a huge alien vessel floating above us. Have fun :)

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