Searching for answers

Nan turned back and called to her passengers, "Looks like we have a spot of trouble up here."

Then jacking into the comm panel she routed an amount of her own reserved into the system to communicate with the other ships.

"Are you all reading me? This is Nan on the... girls what are we calling this tin bucket? This is Nan. Do you read me? We seem to be hanging dead in space. Nearly all of out main energy reserves are either drained or rendered useless and I imagine it has something to do with that ship out there. Any ideas?"

“Tin Can sound fine for now.” JB admitted. It was kinda a Tin Can to be perfectly frank. “We can think of a better name when it doesn’t feel like we’re flying a dilapidated dumpster.” Jb walked up looking over the buttons and dials.“

“I vote for Dilapidated Dumpster,” Jo snickered.

“It’s unfortunate the wannabe chose to ride with Snowball, she might have been moderately useful at this moment. She is setting herself up to fail.” Jb noted thinking.

“And what’s wrong with calling him Snowball?” Jo asked with a tsk, shaking her head. “I don’t go by Joc4574. I don’t call you J311y... I’d probably be focusing more on the fact that I was blind. Oh! Do you think the arm grew back yet?”

“Definitely not. It’s a hard lesson and his ability to use the force will be impacted until an organic replacement can be created.” JB pointed out. “Had we our old home it would not be a problem but out here … we do not have the funds or technology readily available.” She paused a moment realizing they have drifted off-topic. “Back to the more immediate problem at hand …
I think we should try to reach out and figure out what or whom is draining our power so we walk in prepared.” She suggested to her sister.

Jo tried, and failed, not to giggle at the use of the phrase “at hand,” but quieted herself just as quickly. “Agreed,” she said, lacing her fingers with her sister’s.

There was a long moment and JB giggled. “It was kinda funny. Okay, okay, okay … serious sith face now …” JB she insisted taking a deep breath to suppress the bubbling giggles as she sat with her sister finger interlaced with her.

They slipped easily into a meditative trance their breath came in and out as one. They were one.

The pair spread their awareness further out.

The ship, Nan, each other - everything ceased to exist as the two Sith searched for answers.

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