A Sight To See pt 1

"I'm staying with Vol-Kur and Ryder" She said simply. She followed the others back to Ryders ship.

The other congregated for departure and it was not long before they respectively did so, the thrum of the hull letting Ryder's occupants know hyperspace was outside.

Vol took Lyra back to the cargo hold as time passed. He knew he was no master, but he did know a little bit. The padawan braid rested on his neck, a reminder he still had much to learn himself. But this, he knew how to at least explain.

"Come, sit, and I will... Try to show you how to see, " he started hesitantly. "You are sensitive to the Force, I can feel it this close. That is good... Now you merely need to reach out with it." Vol crossed his legs as he sat upon the cargo deck. "First though, we must be prepared. Let's start with meditation... Close your eyes..."

He did as he said, feeling the bundle of energy that was Lyra. She seemed to fidget a bit. He reached gently out and touched her knee. "We will gather a peaceful mind," he said, remembering what Master Vikes said to him during his first meditation. "Deep, slow breath in, deep, slow breath out. And banish thoughts as they come in, all thoughts... Your mind is an empty void, neither hate nor love, neither want nor need..."

He himself did this. He could feel his mind calming, the day and all that he had learned start to fade.


"Shhh," he gently went. "Trust me... In and out, slowly..."

He heard her breath, matching him. He thought himself what to say next. What came out of his mouth, it was Itio Vikes' words to him. "The Force is more than mystical power... It is everywhere. It penetrates us, binds us, and flows in between. It is alive; it is of no single thought. It can deny you, as you have found out. But it can answer you..."

He, gently, reached up Lyra's to her hand, gripping it gently and putting it against the cold metal. "Do you feel the floor? It is cold, yes?"

An affirmative.

"But there is more there. I want you to see the floor in your mind. Picture it clearly. Of every contour you feel... Now, gather your mind and reach not with your hand, but with your feelings."

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