Dark DayDreams

Your thought reach out toward the alien ship. You sense the sheer size of it and the cold oppression of space pressing in upon its armoured surface. You dig deeper and find only darkness. Heavy and oppressive. You feel a pull, something within the ship drawing in energy. It tugs at your mind threatening to drag you inward.

You resist and find you are able to deny its call, though it remains on the edge of your consciousness. Ever present. It is then that you sense a new sensation and it causes you to gasp with delight. Unlike the cold of the void this... whatever it is is ablaze with the heat of rage. Pure feral rage!

You search through the darkness for the source of the rage and begin to sense that there are many sources. You brush the edges of thoughts, fragments of language even but nothing coherent, nothing... normal.

The pull at the back of your mind intensifies and you feel it spidering through your mind trying to grab hold and drag you in. You sense insanity in that direction and you resist once more. Bolstering each other against the drag of darkness.

Another flash of feral rage and your minds settle on a dark room near the bow of the ship. A hulking figure kneels in the corner. It appears to be leaning over a body, you see arms and legs spayed out and blood pooling. You hear the sound of the living figure feeding. You watch as it tears into the flesh of its victim.

Ever closer you get and then with a sudden snarl it seems to sense your intrusion. It spins around jagged teeth bared and eyes ablaze with insane hatred. Blood cakes the furred face and hands. It sniffs the air and stands to its full towering height. Then oping its arms wide the Wookie roars into the darkness and all around the ship its call is answered by others of its kind.

You open your eyes. There at least twenty feral wookies on that ship as well as what ever they are feeding on.

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