A Sight To See pt 2/Bad Feelings

It was a long time before she moved her eyes open. "I can see you” she said. Shock on her face the rest of the cargo Was fuzzy though. “I can’t see anything else clearly," she added confused.

Vol had his eyes closed, focusing on the Force. He willed it to her through touch to her hand, though she was quickly adapting. It surprised him with how natural the Force flowed from her. "It will take time to fully see. And plenty of training... But you are quick!" He smiled.

"It took me days to see in the dark, you surpass me, " he continued , releasing her hand. "Keep at it and soon you won't have to concentrate to see, it will come naturally to-"

He stopped as the Force shifted. He saw a darkness, felt anger; a wild, feral anger that took his breath away. Reflexively, he retreated from the Force. At that moment, the ship suddenly jerked and both were brought prone to the floor. A crate teetered dangerously in the now dark cargo bay. Vol pushed it back with a thrust of Force from his hand before it could fall. The crate lifted back up and onto the others as he helped Lyra up.

"Whats happening" she asked.

"I do not know," Vol-Kur said uneasily. His gut twisted as that series of presences churned in the Force. "Come, let us see what has happened."

He helped her to the cockpit, catching the sight of Ryder and a torchlight in the doorway. As he told them what had happened, Vol saw the ship loom through the viewport. Being so far out from any star, the ship was only an absence of stars. Until Ryder flipped on the ship's emergency battery. The ship's spotlight showed the derelict hulk before them.

He could faintly see the other ships that had travelled with them. They too were dark. Lights came on in the cockpit before flickering off once more. The sense of something very wrong was strong as Beryl worked at her comm station.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Vol-Kur said with unease.

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