A Ship to Kill

Rarek had been enjoying the peace of being alone on Hargar’s ship. It gave him time to fume, to fester on his anger, which made him feel powerful.
When the lights went dark and the engine died, this anger did nothing to help as he raged at the darkness that enveloped him.
With both Nan and one of the other men confirming that a ship was the cause. Looking into the void, he spotted the only foreign vessel among them and growled. Luckily, working for mercs made one think of odd situations and Hargar had been one for caution.
Hovering on a planet with low energy output had been something the team used with great success. Out in space, this meant he could move without triggering whatever was killing their power.
He chose not to risk signaling the others, instead hoping his gradual movement would tell the others his plan.

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