Say it Right

“Well, that’s not good.” JB said to her sister waking from her deep meditation. “Should we try to contact the others? Would they even believe us?” She said thoughtfully to her sister.

Jo’s focus came back to the present at the sound of her voice, and she mulled the question over for a second before responding. “We should at least try. I don’t think they’ll believe us, or rather, listen to us, but at least we can try to maintain some sort of alliance or symbiosis.”

“Agreed.” JB said thoughtfully. “Let send out a message to the other ships then. Something like ... ‘SOS. RUN. MAD CLAW CANNIBAL WOOKIES. LOTS OF THEM. NO REALLY LOTS.’ … should that suffice?” Granted there was a bit of sarcasm in her tone.

“SOS would mean we need help. Do we need help?” Jo asked, looking towards Nan. “If not, maybe say Beware. Beware the Mad Claw Cannibal Wookies, too many to count. Sometimes you have to be straight forward. Otherwise, they won’t listen.”

“You don’t think that is a bit too ominous?” Jb asked mulling it over. “What about Warning? Warning the Mad Claw Cannibal Wookies, too many to count? Or Danger?” She asked wracking her brain for the right word.

“Warning.” Jo agreed. “Warning is good. We are warning them of the danger. SOS would mean we need help, and we don’t yet, though I think we might, soon. Danger I don’t think conveys how serious it is. We should warn them.”

“Your logic is sound.” JB turned to Nan. “Nan can you warn the others of the Mad Claw Cannibal Wookies, that are too many to count?”

“Please?” Jo added.

“This would be infinitely easier if we were all just in one place.” JB mumbled as she fiddle with the former apprentice’s lightsaber. They might need it so she wanted to be somewhat familiar with it.

“Infinitely,” her sister agreed.

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