The Temple

The entry into the ziggurat was a fitting end to the pilgrimage. The heat of the tunnels above had subsided and the tall for opened to a much cooler temple.

Arikir held a hand to the door and sent a light up to the ceiling, taking a moment to drink in the fine craft of his surroundings after such a long journey. It reminded him of his old home, with the rounded cuts into the ceiling. But there was more here than at home, carvings of faces, warriors, battles fought ages ago, all beautifully preserved and still seeing with power. He gave a small laugh at the feeling of the place, he had made it after all.

JB struggled to her feet when she heard the creak of the door stir and open. At the moment it was safe to say she was at the moment physically weak, more so that a child her age. Side effects. However like her sister … with her sister … JB was unafraid.

“Who do you think it will - “ JB began to ask but the words quickly died in her mouth. The clothing the man wore could not hide his true nature. Not from the twins. “- JEDI!” JB hissed. She might as well have shouted boogyman!

Jo stood protectively by her sister, the hairs on both of their necks pricking with the presence of another Jedi- adept. If he wanted to get to JB, he’d have to get through her first, and she’d be damned sure to put up a fight. “Who are you, and what do you want?”

His light quickly turned in the direction of the voices and he had to admit he was a bit shocked himself. He hadn't known what to expect when he arrives at this place, this temple, and thus had thought of a number of possibilities on his journey. But two young girls was certainly not very high on that list.

"Jed-oh-" he looked to his own garb and lifted the light so as to not shine it into their eyes. They looked near emaciated, or perhaps just lanky but at the very least resolute. If they were here then perhaps they had someone looking after them. If this was a place like the Jedi Temples then perhaps there was even a master. He called out flatly, "Are there others of you here? Is your master here? I'd like to speak with them"

Both the girl's had bandanas drawn down over their eyes even so JB shied from the light. “By speaking you mean bisect them in half Jedi?“JB snarked. JB personally did not have the highest opinion of Jedi … religious fanatics bound by a mountain of rules … they were supposedly compassionate, but to everyone equally, not forming any special relationships so in the end not really compassionate.

“You should leave! You do not belong here!” the twins said together, each holding her sister’s hand tighter.

“No I..” he gave another small chuckle, the irony of it all amusing him, “I assure you I am not a Jedi. And I most definitely belong here” These girls were....something. The force wrapped around them like a mother around its children, but they themselves seemed to not notice it. “I have not been a Jedi for some years now.” He slightly enjoyed this moment however, being called a jedi again, having that fear and reverence to a title bestowed upon him.

“What business have you here?” Jo asked warily. Truth be told, she wasn’t certain what business she and JB had there either, they were told to go - they went. Maybe this ‘Jedi’ or former Jedi had more insight on the voice they had heard, the one that gave them the calling to Korriban.

“You really think there is a Sith Master here?” JB whispered to her sister.

Jo nodded. “I do. Or there will be. The call was strong.” She whispered back. “Maybe the Jedi heard it too.”

Alikir took a few steps forward, slowly and calmly. He didn't intend to harm these children, but if meant him harm then he'd prefer closing the distance. "This place called out to me, a message of some kind or another. Something drew me here, I assumed it might have been some master of the force though…" he looked over the two girls, allowing a more critical eye, "perhaps there was a different reason."

JB turned to her sister. “You think … it was the temple?” She suggested. It might explain why they were here and no one else till now. Whatever was inside had yet to reveal itself and if there was something alive, in the fleshy sense, she would have hoped they would have sensed something.

“I don’t know who it was -- what it was.” Jo replied. “But it wasn’t him. If you were called as well, there must be a purpose. What that purpose is has yet to be seen. If it is to learn alongside you or fight until you take your last breath, we will be ready. I’m Jo. This is JB.”

“Welcome to the temple.” They said in unison.

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