Pulse in the Vines

Back on the Swamp Hag the foliage that made up T'ra Renar's upper shoulders and head flexed and swayed. While untrained he was extremely force sensitive and he felt it when the twins welcomed the former Jedi to the temple.

It was like when the perfect note was struck it resonates and fills the room, so to was it now. The temple was preparing to receive those it had called and the itch he had felt his entire life the strange need to drive deeper into the vast reaches settled about him and he knew he had finally arrived.

"We're going in, their is something on the planet." T'ra Renar says over his shoulder to Lyra.

The BR-23 Courier breaks away from the wreckage of the Galactic ships and makes a run towards the planet, it doesn't power down its weapons or defensive systems in case the larger ship becomes hostile, or the sniper on the planet decided to target the Swamp Hag.

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