Nyavi explains her point of view

“Watch your tone! You address a being of true power. If you were not allowed here, you would be dead!”

Nyavi sighed and rolled her eyes. She turned her chair around. It kept moving in the same direction, now carrying her backwards, proximity scanners making sure she didn't bump into anything, or anyone. She didn't need THAT twice in one day. "Listen, I've been studying the Force, as a scientist, not some religious peon. I think the Force is simply a fundamental force of physics. Like gravity, or electromagnetism. I don't have all the proof yet..." She threw up her hands defensively. "I would have if those Jedi fuckwads hadn't pulled their religious fuckery and forced me to do it all in hiding! But I'm starting to be able to paint a picture."

She sighed and rubbed her forehead with her good lekku, a deep crease in her brow. It never fully disappeared anymore, that crease. "Now, I don't yet know exactly how individuals are able to affect the Force. That's my main research right now. But what I do know is, insisting on rituals and mysticism doesn't change anyone's control of the Force for better or worse. Which means the only reason for doing it..." She spun her chair back round and finished her sentence as she came to a halt in front of the cloaked figure: "...is to be a bit of a dick."

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