...Not like the others

The cavern grew more and more comfortable, so comfortable Jo removed her blindfold. She grabbed JB’s hand and giggled.

JB gave off a peel of laughter and she skipped hand in hand with her sister. "It's so bright in here!" JB cooed nudging the bandana up above her eyes. Her eyes cut through the darkness seeing the place for what it was.

The path to her was clear. The very stone was steep with the force and it glowed in her perception … a inviting pathway of light.

JB turned to her sister seeing the pretty bioluminescent glowing marks on her face. "You think the one here will test us all? Or do you think they are the test?"

“I hope they’re the test!” Jo whispered back. “But if not, one by one will fall, just like at the station.” The cool air was welcome on the twins’ pale skin, the further they followed the shadowy figure. It was an even trade off, cool air in exchange for unpleasant scents which filed their nostrils, the ground beneath their feet became slick, but nothing could deter their lighthearted moods. Their playful pearls of laughter echoed off the walls with each step.

"Nine little sith walked down the way, one is impaled now eight can play. Eight little sith walk down the way one's throat was cut now seven can play …" the duo sang together each death more creative and grotesque then the last.

"Two little Sith walked hand in hand, in the end alone they stand. Upon the bones of the rest's demises, their plans complete and now they rise." The sang and laughed concluding the nursery time as they reached the bottom.

"We're heeeerrrrreeeeee."JB sang.

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