We Are Here....

“What brings one of your kind to this place?”

Zithill turned to see the huge lizard looming over him. He smothered the animal instinct that urged him to flinch back from the proximity of such an obvious predator. Nevertheless he gripped his rifle tighter as he spoke.

"I follow the trail of shadow." he explained, "Amongst my people I am what is know as a Findsman, a seeker of lost things. Many believe it is an expression of the force. A power that only a few possess. The Jedi consider it... heresy."

"We're heeeerrrrreeeeee!" the singsong of the twins had been growing ever louder as they walked into the darkness and their announcement coincided with them emerging into an open chamber lined with high arching windows. They rose up and up until they became lost in the darkness.

In the centre of the chamber a large stone building sat squat and dark. Its surface covered in grotesque carvings. Crowded around the base of the building were dozens of cloaked and masked figures. They appeared to hover above the stone like dark spirits and their eyes shone with the red glare of dark force power. From atop the building dozens more of the masked faces peered down at them, shifting too and fro as if moved by an gentle breeze.


As the group entered the chamber the figures became statue still and as one they spoke in a horrifying whisper.


JOIN US... Us...us...

Their eyes blazed with red fire and together they raised their arms as force lightning began to spark between them.

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