Nyavi'lar and the Chamber of Secrets

Nyavi had let the others go in first, quietly muttering to herself about being flat-out ignored by the cloaked figure. At the same time, she couldn't help but wonder. Was that an actual Sith? If she could get on his good side, he might be more willing to help with her research than the Jedi were. And maybe he'd want to tear down that ass-backwards theocracy after. Nyavi was far from above revenge that way. It might be wise to keep her smartass remarks to herself, at least for a little while. Even if that meant tolerating a different kind of religious hocus-pocus.

Navigating the slippery tunnel was both easier and more difficult for Nyavi than it was for the others. The surface friction was of no concern for the quietly gliding seat, but its bulk made maneuvering more difficult, and the dark and jagged rocks made automatic navigation erratic. By the second scrape Nyavi was forced to switch to manual controls, which meant taking her eye off the incessant stream of analyses her limited equipment could perform.

As such, she was the last to enter the hall full of robed figures. Her jaw dropped as she entered the enormous chamber. "That's some room!" she exclaimed, following the windows up with her eyes and returning them to the sight of the building in the center. As the crowd did its song and dance, her eyes kept darting between her readings and the chanting people. "Oh, very interesting," she nodded enthusiastically, her voice barely audible over the crackle of the Force lightning. "I'd need my full tool set to confirm but I speculate this is like a combination of Force lobotomy and central node mass telepathy, the center probably being Mister dark-and-mysterious from before. Otherwise you can't ever get a crowd of people in sync enough to get shared lightning like this, true hive minds without a single master node get too erratic. But..." Her face, which had been active with excitement over the wealth of information and extraordinary Force displays she was seeing, fell a little as the meaning of the crowd'd chanting got through to her. "Oh for fuck's sake. They expect us to do some ridiculous ritualised test."

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