3 Questions

Following the girl and the Barabel into the dark room, Issac found himself unable to move his gaze away from the cross legged figure on the floor. He heard the other speak, but could not focus on their words. He felt his vision tunnel, more and more, until his entire existence was black, aside from the dark figure, the words "Ask and they will be answered" echoing in his head.

Seemingly without waiting for his own permission, he felt three questions escape his lips:
The first, 'why have I been called here?'
Second, 'are you responsible for what is happening to me?'
And finally, 'what is this new power?'

When he had asked the final question, Issac suddenly regained his senses, feeling as if he had been lifted from a trance. He found himself kneeling, head bowed, in front of the pool of bubbling liquid. With strangers on all sides, in frustration, he realised danger he unwittingly had placed himself in, and began reaching for his concealed light saber out of instinct.

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