So, this is happening.

Barely restraining the urge to jump back, Issac slowly rose to his feet. Taking a second to glance around at the others in the room, before eventually forcing his gaze back towards to strange spectacle before him.

Glancing down at the swirling crimson liquid, he hesitated for a moment. He stood there, finding himself not quite able to wrap his head around the events of the last few days. Looking back at them as a single narrative, it seemed as if all control over his life had been taken from him, as if there was some external force driving him onward, whether he wanted to go or not. Taking a moment to gather himself, and feeling he had passed the point of no return, he gave into its will.

His eyes flared orange as he once again let the darkness overtake him, diving into its depths. It felt far stronger here, as if amplified by the structure they were in, feeding on the energy that seemed abundant within the black walls. Closing his eyes and focusing on it, he heard the voice again, calling to him, willing him onward.

Taking a breath, he locked his gaze on the dark figure, "Well, I guess it's me first", he sighed, moving into the pool.

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