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Summary: Doc - Tor


Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Crew




Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer
Ships Doctor

Physical Appearance

Tor like all Vulcans stands with perfect posture at a height of 1.88m tall and weighs 88.90 kg. He has short black hair and bushy eyebrows and like rest of his species has prominent pointed ears.

Personality and interests

Tor is a biologist and is fascinated by the various physiologies of the species and creatures that space exploration allows his to study. He is logical in all things and can seem severe in temperament as he ensures that emotions do not rule his actions.


Tor was just recently promoted to Lieutenant Commander and his new promotion came with a new posting to the USS Pathfinder his first mixed race ship all of his previous service being on exclusively Vulcan ships.

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Image of Tor
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