There First Mission

Trensu fallowed the Captain off the bridge in to the turbo lift. Thinking to himself the scans from tactical did show a lot of radiation the hole Vulcan cruiser was in a cloud of radiation, but the ship had not been in combat from the scan taken so far. But with the radiation it could throw the sensors off some. He was not even sure if the phasers would be affected on the Vulcan ship. He glanced at the Captain Anderson she was young and on her first command. She seemed Nervous at times. She had Light brown hair tied in a bun of average height and weight for a human her eyes are a pretty shade of brown and smiled a lot. That was the impression he got so far, but up to now everything was by the book. Trensu was only a lieutenant but he had to brief her on about the phasers they were carrying.

He had just got assigned just to the Pathfiner at his request. He had been at the academy for 6 years. going though academy and teaching at the Captains Career Course the course that all captains must take be for taking command. He thought it was funny the debate to make him a lieutenant commander. Trensu requested rank of lieutenant he had a lot to learn about Star Fleet and operations of it. So far, the experience is what he expected fairly new crew with lot of potential. That’s why he selected this ship he hoped they could learn together. Trensu thinking was disrupted when the trbolift stopped well it time to brief the CO he thought.

“Captain Anderson” he waited for her to acknowledge him. “Captain, you should know that hand phasers could be disrupted do to the type of radiation on and around the Vulcan ship. I also did a quick tactical scan of the ship as well. Though inconclusive it appears it was not attacked or damaged by weapons fire. The ship is adrift, low power and life support is minimal. Weapons and shields are off line as most systems.” Trensu says why they walk.

Seeing the Doctor, he gave him a polite nod “Doctor” he said walking by. He had only met the doctor once when he cam on board the ship. Tor like all Vulcans stands with perfect posture he was about 6 foot tall and fit. He his short black hair and bushy eyebrows everything to star fleet standards and like rest of his species had prominent pointed ears.

He continued on briefing the Captain “I would advise caution at this point from a Tactical stand point. we don’t know if there is a threat on the ship besides the Radiation.” He walked with the others in to the shuttle bay the Type 11 shuttle craft was standing by. He walked in and sat at the pilot seat and started he pre flight checks.

When the Captain gave the order they took off and headed to the Vulcan ship when they got close Trensu turned to the Captain and asks “did you get any codes from the Vulcans so we could doc?”

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