The Hatch

"Mr Trensu, it looks like we need our weapons expert to help us get into the docking bay." Ternsu moved from his seat and stopped by the back door of the shuttle. He pulled a bag out and attached it to his suit. “Captain, your looking at the wrong door. It the hatch over there as he points.” Down the hull of the ship about 25 meters there was a small round hatch. “If we breach the bay the ship could vent all its oxygen we don’t know if the emergency systems will activate. “Be right back” said the Lieutenant as he pushes off the shuttle. He floats to the ship he bumps in to it and actives his magnetic boots they stick to the hull of the ship. As walks he could hear breath as he went.

He arrives at the hatch he pulled his out tricorder taking reading of the radiation and the hull. He started to run his hands around the hatch then stopped at a point “Ok Captain stand by going to try to breach the hatch. Pulled a strip of what looked to be tinfoil and put strips of it on the hull. pulling a box out and placed it on one of the strips he looked over everything and moved away. He lays down on the hull of the ship. “Firing, fire in the hole” there was a bright flash then some fragments bounce of the shuttle.

Trensu gets up and walks to the hatch then pulls his phaser out. Pointing it at the hole he shoots a couple of quick shots in to the hole. He looks closer then retches in and starts to pull on something then sparks start to fly out. Within a few moments the hatch slowly opens. He looks in side “Clear” he says. He disappears in side “Captain safe to come over” he announces standing in the air lock.

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