The Captain and Tor enter the ship to join Ahksu.

It was dark except some dull emergency lighting, and the occasional spark from a malfunctioning wall panel.

The first casualty they spot is slumped against the wall. He was wearing a Vulcan engineering uniform, and covered in green blood.

"Tor." Astrid alerted their doctor, and he rushed over. "Remember to triage the patients though. I know it sound grim, but if he's near death, don't spend all your time on him. There might be more that you can save."

The Captain and Ahksu ventured further into the ship. They had to activate their wrist torches to see in the darkness.

Ahead they heard someone or something moving about. It made them both pause.
"Mr Trensu, we don't actually know what caused the radiation leak. We could be in danger. Or it could be more survivors."

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