Getting Deeper

She didn't need Doctor Tor to tell her he was dead. "I wonder what did this?" she said, looking at the gash across his stomach. It looked like it'd been made by an animal.

Captain Anderson and lieutenant Trensu looked at the body for a moment. Trensu pulled his phaser pistol out and passed the body then stopped he look at the ground going to one knee he looked at the blood trail leading off. standing up he took a step then stopped. “The rip makes it look that way, but the tears are made from something strong it cut right through his belt the cut marks make it sharp as well” says Trensu. He walked forward then stopped he put his glove on the wall and moved it across you could see a see a residue on the wall. “Stay behind me Captain, whatever is effecting the ship is also starting to brake down some of the materials in it. this is not a normal radiation like we thought this is different somehow.” He turned and worked his way down to another corridor the light flickered on and off fragments of stuff laying everywhere the gravity was working in this area. “well this part had power” he said to the Captain.

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