Nothing normal

“Stay behind me Captain, whatever is effecting the ship is also starting to brake down some of the materials in it. this is not a normal radiation like we thought this is different somehow.” said Tactical officer Trensu.

Astrid realised this was important information to pass to Richter, who had gone off to Engineering to investigate.

"Anderson to Richter. We've noticed something strange here. The radiation isn't normal. That could indicate this ship was experimenting with some unknown technology maybe? Also it looks like we've got hostiles onboard, not sure right now if they're the cause of the problem. But bear that in mind, and keep safe."

Then she added one last thing. "If you can manage to restore power to lights, that would really help... and make this place a little less... spooky."

Her and Trensu rounded a corner, a moving shadow indicated something on the other side. "Captain Astrid Anderson from the Federation starship Pathfinder, show yourself please!" She said, unsure if the "please" was necessary.

The shadow moved, and Trensu gave chase. She followed, but just as she lost sight of Trensu, something jumped her from behind. It was covered in thick hair, and had a jaw like a wolf. "Tren-" she tried to call out, but the creature knocked her to the floor.

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