Voyage to Engineering

He was slowly making his way towards Engineering. Besides the dead body near their entry point, he luckily hadn't seen any more. He noticed a few strange noises and odd deterioration of the bulkheads. This almost seemed like a horror novel read while growing up.

"Anderson to Richter. We've noticed something strange here. The radiation isn't normal. That could indicate this ship was experimenting with some unknown technology maybe? Also it looks like we've got hostiles on board, not sure right now if they're the cause of the problem. But bear that in mind, and keep safe." A moment later, "If you can manage to restore power to lights, that would really help... and make this place a little less... spooky."

"Copy that Captain. Will work on lights as a priority"

WHAT!!! Possible hostiles on board? Quickly reaching for his sidearm, more to ensure it was there and to also grab it. When was the last time it was fired? It has been years.

Ok, need to remain calm and focus on the task at hand. Locate engineering, restore as much power as possible and then get off of here. Continuing the walk to engineering, he started to hear more noises, or did he. being in a dark ship with dead bodies, what is that? Up ahead propped in a sitting position is another crew member.

Slowly he approaches while checking around and above, he notices the crew member is beyond help. There was a tare from her abdomen to her chin. It seemed to slice right through her rib cage like butter. Great, just what I need to see. Arlic stopped for a moment, calmed his breathing and concentrated. Then there was the noise coming from up ahead, sweat started to form on his brow and he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck and arms stand on end, he slowly turned towards the noise with his light and phaser at the same time. Then he saw the source of the noise........

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