One down

Captain Anderson thought she was doomed, this creature... although maybe not accurate to describe it as such. It was wearing body armour that implied it was from a civilisation. But this creature dragged her into part of the ship that was starting to have a completely different architecture to the normal Vulcan interior design.

It threw her to the ground nearby some sort of swirling, glowing portal.

But just then, Trensu came around the corner and pushed the beast. It was much taller than him, but he managed to unbalance it. It staggered, but then turned and grabbed him. Throwing him hard at the shimmering portal where his body disappeared.

"Trensu!" Astrid called out, not knowing if he'd been vaporised and killed, or just teleported somewhere.

But this was her chance to escape. She ran to find her commbadge.

"Tor! Richter! Do you copy? We're not alone!"

She ran away from the beast, towards Engineering, hoping to find Alric.

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